How to buy weed online and not be scammed

How to Buy Weed Online

We live in a world where we can get almost anything our heart desires by simply ordering it online and having it delivered straight to our doors. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal you have the option to purchase your bud online.

Unfortunately, buying weed online is not like buying a sweater. Regardless of where you live, it is not currently legal to receive cannabis through the mail. Luckily, there are other ways to get cannabis online.

Can I buy cannabis online?

If you reside in a state where cannabis is currently illegal, then you cannot purchase weed products online.

Cannabis is still considered a Schedule I drug. Therefore, mailing weed across state lines remains federally illegal.

If you reside in a state where cannabis is legal, then you might be able to purchase weed online.

11 states have legalized the recreational use of cannabis as of 2020. Chances are good if you live in a legal state that you would be able to order weed online.

How do I get my weed after purchase?

You can buy weed from online dispensaries who will then in-turn offer delivery or pickup, much like ordering a pizza. Many dispensaries offer a pre-order service. Different online services allow you to view and browse the store’s current inventory and place your order online for pickup.

Perhaps delivery is your preference whether for medical reasons or even convenience. If you want to order something from your favorite dispensary but they do not offer delivery themselves, you have the option of using a third-party delivery service that will bring the weed to your house.

Weed delivery companies are a hot new business within cannabis and chances are you should have a few options depending on where you live.

Is weed delivery legal?

While delivering weed across state lines may be illegal, certain states have allowed cannabis delivery services. Consumers may have products delivered to their house in states that have regulated cannabis.

Most states have programs and laws established to allow for cannabis delivery services. However, a few states for whatever reason are lagging behind.

Massachusetts state regulators made the choice to postpone licensing recreational marijuana delivery services. In Washington state, there is no program set up for weed delivery. However, due to a legal loophole or confusion about the law, unofficial marijuana delivery services operate in Seattle.

Different cannabis delivery services

Different cannabis delivery services

Weed delivery companies can come in a range of styles. Choosing one for yourself depends on what you are looking for.

Need some weed real quick? Want the lowest-priced service? Or are you looking for something a little fun and unique?

Delivery services vary by menu items, operating hours, pricing, minimum orders, areas of delivery, and level of customer service. Here are a few sub-categories of cannabis delivery services:

  • On-demand cannabis delivery: It works similar to ordering a pizza for delivery. Put in an order and the dispensary will bag it up for you and ship it out asap.
  • Scheduled cannabis delivery: As it sounds, this is more oriented towards picking a future date and time to receive your selected cannabis products. It is similar to buying something online and expecting it to take a few days to arrive at your front door.
  • Subscription boxes of the month: Mystery subscription boxes are a novel trend nowadays. Sign yourself up and get ready for some fun surprises. This is a great way to be introduced to new products.
  • Membership clubs: These clubs offer members savings on delivery to bring you bud at great prices. Companies often design their memberships on a month-to-month basis or annually.

Cash or charge?

While it is legal to buy weed online in some states, it is still illegal under federal law which keeps banks from doing business with dispensaries or growers. So, cash is your only option.

While having cash on hand might sound like an inconvenience, some delivery services use mobile ATM devices that are safe and legal. Your delivery driver shows up, you swipe your card, they keep the sale amount and give you change in cash.

It should also be noted some dispensaries and third party services also accept cryptocurrency through apps.

Beware of online scams

Of course, we cannot talk about online shopping without mentioning potential scams. There are some giveaways that will clue you in as to whether a company selling weed online is legit.

For example, beware of amateur-looking websites. A legitimate website should have a professional appearance and should be free of rookie mistakes like typos or incongruent language. A licensed service should have a listed (and verifiable) license number.

Cost is another factor. Does it seem like it costs a lot more than legal products, or even much less? Will they ship anywhere, even to non-legal states?

A risk you run into when you buy weed online, especially illegally, is getting caught by law enforcement. Shipping services like FedEx and UPS are vigilant in searching packages for illegal materials. If they suspect your package contains marijuana or anything else that is illegal, then they will search it.

If a package with your name on it is caught containing drugs, then you could face serious jail time and some pretty outrageous fines.

Online scammers may advertise in social media comment sections and on Craigslist. If they are soliciting you to buy weed then it is most likely a scam.

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Be suspicious of any service that asks you to pay by credit card and in advance.
  • Any online shop willing to deliver you weed across state lines.
  • Any dispensary operating without a state license.
  • Anyone looking to mail you weed.
  • Do not purchase anything directly from social media.

Lastly, when you buy weed online from a sketchy source, you might not be getting what you were promised. For example, a company might claim a particular tincture has CBD when in all actuality, it is full of THC. As you can imagine, that could result in a failed drug test, potentially ruin your chance at scoring a job.

Shop locally

To avoid any online scams, it is recommended to purchase your cannabis online from a trusted and verified local dispensary. Better yet, consider buying from a dispensary that you have tried before. That way you have a better understanding of what exactly you will get.

Most likely your friendly neighborhood dispensary can also recommend good delivery services in your area. After all, when dealing with something as valuable as cannabis, a recommendation from a trusted source is important.

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